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No easy one-to-one matching here, you must match buildings to year. For example, the Gold Dome located in Northwest OKC was built in 1958 and therefore matches the yellow 1958 card. If 100 cards feels a little intimidating, you can easily adjust the complexity of the game. You can start with a single color group and move on from there as you keep progressing. If you play with very young children, you can allow them to find two cards of the same color group to make it easier for them.

The game is appropriate for all ages and it scales well from 2-6 players. That's all, time to start matching!


How to play

If you were thinking about the well-known concentration game you enjoyed in your childhood, you'll soon find out there is much more to it this time.There are five different categories in this game, each identified by a bright color: DOWNTOWN, NORTHEAST, NORTHWEST, SOUTH and ONCE UPON A TIME. Each category is represented by ten important buildings and the year these buildings were constructed, so 10 buildings and 10 years per group.


Yes, 100 cards.

Boundaries map.png



Test your memory and architecture knowledge of Oklahoma City with EXPLORE OKC, a matching game that will take you on a journey along incredible, impactful buildings throughout the city.

This is more than a matching game.


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