Since everyone has to stay at home as much as possible these days, I made some coloring pages that you can download for free. I hope coloring  will keep you or someone else busy and that it will take your attention away for some time. Fun fact: you can place the illustrations next to each other and see how the Big City grows. I will try to keep adding new illustrations here, so stay tuned! Or you can add your own city extensions to it of course.

Stay home, be safe.  Thanks, Arjan

  Curbside Chronicle   


You can find the free coloring pages below, but the coloring page on the left has a special story that I would like to share. The page features Oklahoma City where I lived for almost 5 years and was created for the Curbside Chronicle, Oklahoma's street paper. The paper provides both a voice and employment opportunities for people who are experiencing and at risk of homelessness.

To keep their vendors safe and help flattening the curve, they sell their beautiful, insightful and award winning issues digitally. I am very proud to work with them again, love all they do for the most vulnerable of us and I would really love it if you would be able to purchase an issue for only $5. Your donation will go to the Covid-19 Vendor Fund that provides assistance to their vendors who aren't able to sell the magazine these days.

The issue with the coloring page isn't available anymore, but when you click on the image on the left their web page will open with information about how to donate. Thanks a lot! Below are the free coloring pages, enjoy!

OKC for Curbside Chronicle